CPR for Families

Young Couple with Two Children (8-12) Walking on the BeachCPR FOR FAMILIES . . .

  • The family is in trouble.
  • The divorce rate is rising annually.
  • Parents are either afraid to discipline their children or go overboard toward abuse.
  • Moms and Dads have problems communicating with each other and the evening dinner table has become a war zone.

Much can be learned by Compatible Personality Relationships.  The high “I” wife learns her high “C” husband is not only listening, he is processing every word.  The high “S” father learns how to raise his “D” in the family setting.  That high “D” child” is met on understanding turf and is challenged to do “right” instead of “fight.”Smiling Family Posing on Bench

Learning each other’s personality blend opens doors of understanding.  Light begins to dispel darkness on past failures, present problems, with hope for future success and greater happiness!

DISC Ministries has seen marriages and families reunited, couples suddenly turn on the light as a result of this seminar.  It is also a great outreach to those on the fringe and can attract newcomers to your ministry.