Team Leadership

Group People

Bringing together TEAM members with diverse personalities to create a new level of understanding and insights into the individual and then others …bridging these distinctives to discover the value each member contributes to the Team’s success and fulfillment of purpose.

Moving From Tolerance to Understanding  . . .

Have you ever watched a well-coached team working together like clockwork, each knowing where the other players are, each doing his assignment …or a parade with each participant marching in cadence?   Your team, paid or volunteer, leaders can work that way if they understand how they and each team member is “wired.”

The dominant, high “D” (personality) leader barks orders.  The high “S” (personality) begins to cry.  When the “I” (personality) leads by emotion, tomorrow they have moved on to some other project.  The “C” (personality) becomes critical.  The “D” (personality) resigns!

If they know themselves and how the other team members receive the information, a great precision team can be the result.


Manbusiness teamy staff members have personality clashes …. turnover is high, and ministries appear to be everything but Christian. The problem? They are either misplaced  in  their responsibilities, or do not understand how each other functions —or both!





TEAM Leadership can be scheduled as a one-day seminar, or in a retreat setting.

Sessions include . . .

  • Understanding Your Personality Style Blend
  • Recognizing Different Personality Combinations
  • Role Assessment and Responsibility Dynamics
  • Communication & Effective Interaction
  • Conflict Resolution

Each Team member receives a Personality Assessment with graph interpretation.  Group interactive sessions demonstrate how to identify and communicate with each other, avoiding definite pitfalls that can cause breakdowns.

TEAM Leadership will identify role compatibility … maximize each person’s potential … create a better environment … reduce stress and tension … avoid major conflicts … and develop strong relationships!

This is an excellent conference for para-church ministries, professional staff, volunteer staff, and office/business/corporate personnel.


“It is with our unique differences that we help, support and strengthen another person.   This is true not only  in marriage,  but  it is  equally true in the business world … the home … the school … and the list goes on! Whenever two people work together, you will find differences.

Keep in  focus that our unique differences strengthen and support one another.”

Understanding DISC Blends & Combinations

Conference Workbook,

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