The Teaching ProcessKindergarten Students Learning to Tell Time

Teaching the way they learn

There are four basic personality types in every class or care group and school.

  • The “High D” – dominant, directive, decisive, doer, outgoing, task-oriented
  • The “HIGH I” – inspiring, illustrative, outgoing, people-oriented
  • The “High C” – cognitive, critical thinking, cautious, reserved, task-oriented
  • The “High S” – steady, status quo, shy, reserved, people-oriented

Each one learns in a unique way…

The “D” wants involvement and respect

The “I” wants to talk and needs recognition.

The “C” wants quality and needs to know the purpose.

The “S” wants peace, tranquility and needs appreciation.

Chemistry Teacher with Students in Class

An “I” teacher can become very upset at a “C” student for asking unanswerable questions.

A “D” teacher may bring an “S” student to tears.

A “C” teacher may bring too much research to the table and overload a class on facts.

An “S” teacher may be the target of a “D” student …chaos follows.


Teachers can learn their personality blend and how to generally identify their students.

The result is … lessons learned and a growing class.Team group