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Christians, especially the “Christian Right,” have been in an uproar over the past few years over the so-called “social issues” that are going downhill at a fast rate of speed.  It appears that the media, both news and entertainment, has declared war on every virtue and value that we hold dear.

The Supreme Court rules on the Constitution, not Biblical standards.  Politicians vote by popular opinion often askewed by the media, rather than traditional values.  Secular education has brainwashed the integrity of everything from history to absolute truth.    Facebook, editorials and, in my neighborhood even billboards slam the government and the courts for the sorry state of affairs.

Personally (buckle your seat belt) I think Christians are to blame!

This mess did not start in the 1960’s when prayer was outlawed in our schools… it started when Christians failed to win their neighborhoods for Christ.  We replaced prayer rooms with fellowship halls — evangelistic revivals with entertainment to “sing us happy!” Disc jockeys became our spiritual leaders and Christian television replaced church attendance.  We failed to disciple our converts through Sunday Schools and Bible Studies.

Now our nation is swiftly becoming “Sodom and Gomorrah” and we blame Washington, D.C.

There is hope! It starts with accepting responsibility, asking God to forgive us, hitting our knees in prayer and beginning to change our world one person at a time.  II Chronicles 7:14 should be the mission statement of every church.

Turn off the T.V., including Fox news (ouch!).  Spend more time in prayer.  Look for open doors to proclaim the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yes, Our nation is very ill … it needs a healer!

—Charles E. Hollifield


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