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The title, Under Construction, implies that (1) something is being built, (2) it is still in process, and (3) it is not yet completed.

This was the title of our first newsletter when we stepped out on our own with Timothy Ministries.  Some advised, as we relocated to Oklahoma, that “UC” could turn off potential opportunities because of the common usage for incomplete websites.  They are good friends, and we value them greatly… but somehow all of our changes never really described what we had envisioned our ministry to be.

After receiving our advanced certification with Personality Insights, Inc. (Atlanta, GA), we incorporated the DISC training into Timothy Ministries.  We had several successful conferences around the country, but that was only one part of our ministry.

In Oklahoma, New Mexico and Virginia, we have done consulting for young pastors and saw positive changes and growth… but that was still only a portion of the ministry.

Timothy Ministries was to be more than that.  This ministry was based on II Timothy 2:2… “Committing to the Faithful.”

I am no apostle Paul.  …far more failures than successes…  do not and never will know it all!  When I failed, I evaluated and learned from my failures.  As Dr. Robert Rohm stated… “You win some and you learn some.”  … in pulpit ministry for 60 years, credentialed ministry for 50 years… planted churches, had to close some, and saw some grow with good success.  My ministry gifts lay in Administration, Teaching and Exhorting, and my personality blend is a D/I (Directive / Inspirational) …but my feet are made of clay.

So what does this old man desire?  Where is my passion?

Sharing what I have learned with faithful men and women who are still in the trenches, with their leadership teams, their churches, or just with them one-on-one.  We have no price tag, and will continue to operate on a freewill basis.  With a heritage in a “growing” church, a discipling church,  I grimace at some of the “spiritual clubs” I see today.

So back to our future —Timothy Ministries.  Simply plugging in for a Pastor who is away for a Sunday… training a Leadership Team, a family (marriage) conference, a Bible Study series on Wednesday nights… or consultation on church growth.

We are here.  We are ready.  To commit to the faithful.  Let us know.  Have you arrived,   or are you still under construction?


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